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Nothing else in all life is such a maker of joy and cheer as the privilege of doing good. Change a life today.


Our volunteers believe in the power of community service and are always happy serving others and changing lives for a better Nigeria.


Value of life is not in its duration but on how much one has invested in the lives of others. Touch a life today.


The more we care for one another, the happier we are together. Educate a child today and influence the future of generations to come.

Let's make a difference

Patriotism expresses our character and work. Let us make sacrifices together today to safeguard the future of our children by giving them a lasting legacy in education. Community Outreach for Educational Change - COEC is an educational Non-Governmental Organization established in 2016 with the sole aim of responding to educational ills and gaps in the Nigerian education sector. It is solely aimed at influencing educational processes for improved and better educational outcomes especially for children in rural/low income homes who cannot afford private schools and are at the mercy of what the public sector offers. We at COEC are examples that it is possible to go through the Nigerian education system and attain excellence. We exist to create conducive environments for true education to occur. We believe that each child deserves access to quality education irrespective of social class and location. We believe that with the right push and consistence, public education in Nigeria will offer qualitative educational services one public school at a time.

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Meet our Executive Director, Directors and other members who help to run our organization. We are an amazing team of volunteers making a difference. Join us today!

How to help

We fight for quality education for all children no matter their location and social status. You can join us by…

Fund Raising

Fund raising events are really a win-win situation; the public likes getting involved in activities that help others.


Explore the requirements for education and training. An excellent facility will typically require its staff to have specified degrees and related experience in the field.

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Read more about our work. We work to make a difference for a better tomorrow. We are always thinking tomorrow

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influencing Classroom Practices for Community Participation & Relevance

"COEC Annual Teachers Meet 2018
We are hosting A FREE 3-Day conference for school owners, school administrators, class teachers and other child care providers in the rural area of Southern Kaduna.
The first of its kind in the whole region in our bid to influence educational outcomes for a more robust and efficient educational experience both in public and private sectors."

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