Community Outreach for Educational Change


The organization has since its inception been involved in educational interventions in schools located in rural areas and for learners from low income homes. It has sought to improve on the quality of education available in such communities while also equipping learners and teachers with the basic English literacy skills necessary for meaningful learning to occur. This is with the firm resolve to influence classroom practices and educational outcomes for a more robust and efficient educational experience in the public sector. As a result of the ever increasing educational pitfalls in the country and especially in the public education sector, Community Outreach for Educational Change was conceived by a concerned young Nigerian trained teacher who is passionate about the Nigerian child and the poor quality of education in the country. Thus, the firm belief that all Nigerian children deserve quality education irrespective of social class, religious/political/ethnic affiliations and geographic location brought about the birth of COEC. COEC is a way of ensuring that communities especially rural/sub urban ones are reached with a better way of doing education and accomplishing desired educational outcomes. A child that finishes from a public primary school should be able to stand and excel side by side with another child that finishes from a private school. COEC is a way of ensuring that learners in the school system are helped to know or see that education is expected to present them with various options for a successful life in and outside their immediate environment.